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Fireplaces Online for Sale

Along with an already impressive collection of fire pits and the equipment to go along with them, the team at Direct Fire Pits also carries a huge selection of fireplaces online for sale and ready to ship. Each fireplace we sell can serve as the focal point for any room it’s placed in, providing light and warmth when and where you want it. But we’re so much more than just the fireplaces. We also carry all the equipment needed to service the piece and keep the fires roaring for years to come. For more information on any of our fireplaces online for sale, call us today at (855) 749-4925.

American Fireglass Ceramic Lite Stones, 15 Stone Set
SAVE 17%
SAVE $16.10
American Fireglass Gray Lava Stone
SAVE 17%
SAVE $6.95
Grand Canyon Lava Pebbles, 1-2 Inches, 50-Pounds
SAVE 23%
SAVE $40.80
Modern Flames Diamond Large Glacier Accents 7 pc Set
SAVE 19%
SAVE $20.16
Grand Canyon LP-CONV Propane Conversion Kit
SAVE 23%
SAVE $14.70
Grand Canyon 3 Burner System
SAVE 23%
SAVE $140.70