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Direct Fire Pits Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Pit FAQ

Who can install my fire pit?

What should I build my fire pit out of?

What types of ignitions are there?

Can I burn wood in my gas fire pit?

Can I use my gas fire pit inside?

Can I cook on my gas fire pit?

What is the best way to choose my burner ring size?

When should I have a pan under the burner?

How does the burner balance on top of the gas line?

How big does my gas line need to be?

Why does my gas fire pit make a whistling sound?

Should I use pea gravel or sand as filler?

How long does a 20lb propane tank last with a fire pit?

How much lava rock do I need?

Does fire pit glass ever burn or fade?

What is reflective glass?

Can I use natural river rock in my fire pit?

Do you install the burner ring facing up or down?

Is there ever clean up or maintenance required?

What is a venturi or air mixer?

What is CSA certified and what does that mean to me?

Will the wind affect the flame on my gas fire pit?

Can I leave my firepit outside year round? Do I need to cover it?

How do you clean lava rock?

Can a propane tank be left outside during winter?